Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A new year [recap]

My family has been dropping sly hints that i never blog anymore, so here i go.
This semester up at BYU has been AMAZING! I have had such an awesome time and have met so many more people. Last semester was great, but this one totally tops it :) I'll just post some random pictures of things that have happened this semester and i'll give small descriptions so that you can semi-catch up on some fun times in the past few months.

When I came back up to Provo for Winter Semester there was snow all over, and it snowed for the first day or two of classes. That first week of the semester my friend Shae invited some of my roommates and i outside to play in the snow. We ended up building this snowman named Chuck. Some other friends built an igloo too, which we helped with. It was a ton of fun, but sadly Chuck was killed by a snowplow the next morning.

This semester my ward played a game called Assassins which turned out to be so intense and amazing. Apartments who wanted to play were placed in teams and were assigned another team to assassinate. Everything was really secret and you didn't know who was after you so it turned out to mass paranoia and good times. Assassinations were completed by getting the other teams wet. Because of this game we had a good stash of water guns in our apartment, so one day Karina [left], Madeline [right], and I had a little water fight. We got pretty soaked and were hiding behind doors in the kitchen and hallway... good times :) [i love how you can see Karina's glasses soaked and smudged with all the water]

During the game of assassins i was trying to protect Karina as the sole survivor of our team and in the process slipped on some ice and got a gnarly bruise on my knee. This was the one and only time i ever fell on the ice, which i am very proud of. The green and yellow part of the bruise is from this slip. The remainder was added on a few days later as i was playing a game called Bases (or Commando) with a bunch of friends in my ward. I was running up a muddy hill and ended up falling on the same knee. This bruise lasted a while and was pretty disgusting if i do say so myself, although i was very proud of it :)

One Sunday afternoon Karina and i decided to have a little photo shoot on the little balcony right outside of our front door in our Hall. We got creative with newfound effects on my camera and had a lot of fun.

While playing Mad Gab in a battle with a guy's apartment in my ward we were all invited to go to a midnight run to Dennys so this is my side of the table at Dennys while we were waiting for our food. It was very late, the food was very yummy, and we had a lot of fun laughing and enjoying the fact that we did not have school the next day because of President's Day.

For Valentine's Day my mama sent me this awesome package. It was so exciting to get something in the mail and have it full of love from back home! I got candy, fun valentine's gifts, and awesome pictures. Thanks again mama! :D

On Valentine's day i helped to put on a huge Invitational dance for all of On-campus housing with RHA. It was a lot of work, but it turned out great, so it was worth it. I didn't have a date so i was just going to go and hang out with friends, but about two hours before the dance started two guys in my ward came over to ask me and my roommate Madeline to go to the dance with them. I went with Scott and it turned out that we accidentally matched perfectly :)

I was happily surprised at what became of that last-minute date with Scott :D We started hanging out after that a bit more and it ended up turning into something amazing :) This picture is from one of the many amazing times we have had together. We were actually up on the Y on the mountain overlooking Provo where we had a picnic and watched the sunset. It was one of my favorite days ever.

A group of people in my ward love to play the game Lap Tag [also known as Sushi Tag]. It is a lot of fun and basically turns into wrestling as you try to escape the person behind you and be the first to tag the person in the center. We have played in the snow and the rain, and we killed the grass into mud, so it is a very fun and very dirty game

I had the opportunity to go to the Draper Temple Open House with my Stake in March. It was absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful opportunity. Karina and i had a great time, even though we had to be there so early, so we slept on the bus on the way back :)

RHA put on a program called Mr. Heritage. It was basically a beauty contest/talent show for some guys who live in my Dorms. These are our nine contestants who competed. They performed a choreographed dance which i helped teach them, they did a talent, and then had a fashion show. This is them all after the competition in their formal wear. My friend Ryan won [center with the sweet blue suit] The others with crowns in the center were the runners up and Mr. Congeniality

In Spanish Fork is a Hindu Temple where every year they have a huge Festival of Colors and anyone and everyone is invited to come. They have a band playing and a huge crowd throwing colored chalk. We got there a bit late, but some nice strangers were very kind in helping us get "a little more color" We got shirts from DI so that we wouldn't mind ruining them and then rode home in my car with sheets over the seats. The color was a bit difficult to get out of our hair... :)

So there is a little recap of the highlights of my semester. Enjoy :) If you want more explanations or more pictures just let me know and i can try to meet your demands