Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's just pretend the last 5 months didn't happen, ok?

Ok... Well we can't completely ignore the last 5 months because a LOT happened- - so just ignore the fact that I didn't blog a single time in that span of time. Deal? Deal.

Here it is in a nutshell:
-Student teaching was hard. and tiring. and awesome. and I loved/hated it. but mostly loved. :)
-I graduated from BYU!
-I was offered a job the day I graduated!
-Scott and I drove to CA to attend Kenadie's celebration of life and run in the UCLA 5k in memory of her.
-Scott studied for the MCAT. EVERY. DAY. for HOURS.
-I worked as an aide at Sharon Elementary, where I did the first part of my student teaching
-One week into working as an aide they switched me to a long-term sub for a 4th grade class until the end of the school year.
-Scott began working in 2 different research labs on campus.
-School ended and I got to celebrate with the great faculty of Sharon.
-I attended training for teaching the new 6th grade math curriculum and got to know my 6th grade team.
-Scott applied to Medical School [30 different ones to be exact- in 18 different states]
-I read TONS of books on my Kindle [which was a graduation/birthday gift!]
-We got to spend a weekend at the Davies family cabin with family and yummy s'mores.
-We enjoyed a ward campout with fun times at a lake.
-Attended Stadium of Fire where we sang along to the Beach Boys and enjoyed a James Bond themed firework display
-Drove to Saint George for Scott to take the MCAT.
-We bought our own car.
-Enjoyed a great week at Lake Powell with extended family
-I got to start working in my classroom
-We flew to Virginia for a relaxing, fun vacation where I experienced lots of humidity, we hiked, we ran, we enjoyed a double feature at the movies, and I got some moles removed.
-I flew back to Utah a week later for teacher meetings and classroom prep while Scott stayed in Virginia to spend more time with family and shadow a few doctors.
-I worked every day all day in my classroom. and Skyped Scott whenever possible. It was a very, very hard week.
-Scott drove across the country in 4 days with a friend.
-I started teaching 6th grade!

And that brings us to now! whew. We made it. It was a great summer and now real life is starting, somehow. Crazy. But life is great!

I'll be better about posting so I don't have to try and remember a whole bunch all at once again. And I'll post about teaching soon. Promise :)