Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And so it begins!

I am back up at BYU and two days into my Junior Year of college! I am so excited for this semester, which is a huge comfort to me because I was pretty nervous and worried before I started. I am now officially in the Program for Elementary Education and all of my classes are classes for my major. I have no more General Education classes, no more pointless classes, no more classes where it is meaningless to me. Everything is for ME and what I want to do with my life. I LOVE IT!

This is the "Arts Semester" of the El Ed Program, so my classes are: Dance, Music, Art, Drama, PE Teaching, Math, English. I have been to most of my classes* already and I think I am really going to enjoy them all. [*Art is only on Fridays so I'll have my first day of that later, and I missed my first Drama class for a concert which I will explain in a bit! :)]

Not only are my classes great, but I am in a great new apartment this year with some awesome roommates! Karina and I were assigned to live with random people and we lucked out big time! Clarissa and Ashley are super nice and fun and we get along so well! Karina and I feel like we have known them for much longer than 5 days. Apartment 1 has already had some fun times and I am looking forward to much much more!

Here are some pictures of my apartment:

My apartment building on the right with the Y on the mountain

View from the front door: living room

View from window: kitchen/dining area

Karina's and my study room

Our vanity/bathroom area

My half of the bedroom

Closet area

It is not super nice like my apartment last year, but it is a lot more affordable and way closer to campus which is so much better! It takes less than 10 minutes to get to campus, which is less than half of what it took last year! :D

And now the reason I missed a class already is because Owl City came to Salt Lake City and played a concert with John Mayer last night :) My drama class was 4-5:50, but we had to leave to get up for the concert and so I missed the class. But don't worry about me, I emailed my teacher and told her I wouldn't be there and she informed me on what needs to be done to be sure I'm on track. It is all taken care of. It was such a great concert!! I'll blog about that later, but for now I am going to be a good student and do my homework first ;)