Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays are for Traveling

Friday June 17- drove to California for my family's vacation at a Beach House in Ventura
Friday June 24- drove up to Bountiful for a super fun double date with Scott and one of his former mission companions
Friday July 1- drove to California with Scott to spend the weekend with my family
Friday July 8- drove to Salt Lake to begin the epic Harry Potter Marathon
[Today] Friday July 15- I will be driving to Page, AZ to start off a week at Lake Powell with extended family

Fridays are just a day that must be spent in the car I guess. Next Friday I will not be driving anywhere as I will be out on the lake, but I'll get all my driving in the very next day when I return from Powell.

This summer has just been so amazing and jam-packed with awesome adventures! Someday I'll catch up and write about them, like seeing Owl City in concert on Wednesday and seeing the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 last night. But in order to do that I'll have to stop having so much fun... and that is not likely to happen for a verrrrry long time :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

This Weekend

I had an amazing 4th of July weekend, but I do not have pictures of it because Scott was the photographer [check facebook for the photos if you are impatient :)]

But THIS weekend is going to be epic as well. In a few hours Scott and I will drive up to his aunt Diane's house for a HARRY POTTER MARATHON! Here is the schedule:

tonight: Harry Potter 1-3
Saturday: Harry Potter 4 & 5
                 Return to Provo where I will be catering a wedding
Sunday: Scott's Mission President's Homecoming
             Harry Potter 6 & 7 pt 1

It is going to be EPIC! and it is getting us all ready for the premier in less than a week!