Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

I remember being little and sleepily semi-watching General Conference... or at least being in the same room where conference was on. Now I look forward to Conference twice a year and enjoy watching all the sessions! General Conference is so incredible! Its amazing to have the opportunity to listen to a living Prophet and Apostles and leaders of the Church!

My Dad and Jill flew up to Utah for conference weekend so Scott and I got to pick them up Saturday morning, get some lunch together, and then attend the Saturday Afternoon Session at the Conference Center together. We then got a snack, the guys went back for Priesthood Session, and then we enjoyed dinner together.

Sunday morning Scott and I watched the Morning Session together and then drove back up to Salt Lake to meet up with my parents for the Sunday Afternoon Session at the Conference Center. It was amazing to be in the conference center for 2 sessions and hear the words of the General Authorities.

I also loved being able to spend time with family and enjoy the weekend :) Good times for sure!

Busy Semester

It is already October and I am over a month into my last semester of classes at BYU. WOW. The time has just flown by! I really like my schedule and the professors that I have so that helps the time go by quickly.

In a month though, my classes will stop and I will have my second Practicum. This is where I will work with a mentor teacher and spend my days in an elementary classroom gaining experience and teaching lessons. Just last week  I found out that I will be placed in a 3rd grade classroom at Orchard Hills Elementary in Santaquin, UT. I am very excited! I have always said that I want to teach either 2nd or 3rd grade so I am excited that my 2 practicums will have been in both a 2nd grade and a 3rd grade classroom. Its gonna be a busy/crazy/amazing experience!

But for now I am trying to keep up with my class assignments, I'm working a fair amount with Catering, and we are getting plans all set for the wedding on December 17th [74 days away!!]

Speaking of which - Scott and I took our engagement pictures a few weeks ago. We had the chance to meet up with a local photographer whose blog I have followed for over a year. It went so great and I am super happy with the preview we have so far. Go to Sheena's Blog to see a glimpse :)