Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cause Preston Barely Counts

I am back in Utah for a short period of time! I flew in this afternoon so that Karina and I can drive up together for Dani's wedding this weekend in Boise, Idaho.

I am excited for this trip for many reasons! [here are just a few]

1. My great friend is getting MARRIED!
2. I missed hanging out with Karina
3. We have some super fun plans for this whole trip :) he he he
4. I have never reallllly been to Idaho

As you can tell from the title, Preston barely counts. The extent of my knowledge of Idaho is the homeland of Napoleon Dynamite: Preston, ID. I have visited this lovely little town several times for family reunions, but I am looking forward to getting a true glimpse of this mysterious potato state.

Karina and I will leave in the morning and we will be staying with my cousin Susan. I am way excited that Susan was so willing and anxious to have us come stay with her family. Its gonna be a great trip!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

365 days ago

I was sitting by the Potomac River at exactly this time. It was my last day in Virginia and my last day with Scott before his mission.

We decided to enjoy our last little bit of time before my flight by taking this beautiful little trail through the gorgeous greenery of VA to an overlook of the river.

It was a very difficult day as we had to say our final "see ya later" [Scott and I decided that we were not going to say "goodbye"].

Its crazy that it has been one whole year since that day already. I miss him like crazy, but I know that he is where he is meant to be, serving the Lord and helping bless the lives of the people of West Texas. He is loving the work and all that he is experiencing so I am doing my best to enjoy this time and support him as much as I can.

My trip to Virginia last summer was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful that the Whitlocks invited me into their home! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that trip a year ago :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday pictures

My sombrero and Pinata [filled with Peanut Butter candy!] from Scott :)

the cutest little bandita during our water fight

My cake was brought to me while Nathan was draped over me sleeping as we watched Transformers

I still have a hard time comprehending that I am twenty years old!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Worst Music Video EVER

One of my last days in Provo Karina and I went out to dinner with Dani since it was our last chance to really hang out before she will be married later this month. We enjoyed delicious Cafe Rio and laughed while we made and ate cookie dough [that's right, not cookies, just the dough :)]

We were listening to music and looking at old pictures of us from Freshman year when we decided that we were going to finally do something that we had talked about doing for about 2 years now. We recreated the music video known on YouTube as "The Worst Music Video EVER." It is a classic translated song that doesn't make much sense, but it for sure makes you laugh! our friend Reed happened to be over and saw us getting ready so we told him what we were doing and he joined in on the project. We were up til 3:30 in the morning and it was the best reason to only get 2 hours of sleep [I had to be at work at 6 am the next day, oh well!].

Karina edited all our clips and put it all together in a masterpiece. I hope you enjoy it! But to fully appreciate it, you should watch the original first!

And then here is our version:

for some reason the video isn't working, but its been posted on facebook so check it out here!

Here's a few behind the scene pictures the 3 of us took after :)

It was such a fun night and a great time with Dani before she becomes a Mrs!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

No longer a Teen

I turned Twenty years old yesterday. That is still prettty weird for me.

My birthday was great! I had so many texts and calls and well-wishes from family and friends, I felt so loved :) It was nice to be able to sleep in and relax; I am loving this whole catch-up-on-sleep thing now that I am home from school.

I was up pretty late the night before, so I opened my birthday package from Scott just after midnight and inside I found a sombrero and a pinata! He told me to make my birthday a fiesta, which it always is, especially since its Cinco de Mayo :) I wore the sombrero for a good portion of the day, and my niece and nephews even got a few turns.

In the afternoon I called up Heather and asked her to go to the Poppy Reserve with me [she had never been! crazy...] so despite the INSANE wind we had a great time wandering around the trails and taking pictures of the pretty orange flowers. We didn't stay long, but it was long enough to tangle our hair so bad that she cried and I took 15 minutes to brush out all the tangles. Ouch.

These are some of the best pictures that turned out with the wind gusts:

I then enjoyed a delicious dinner at BJ's restaurant with my Dad and Jill before playing with my adorable niece and nephews at my Mom's house. Those kids are so full of adventure and energy, it was fun trying to keep up with them. We enjoyed a water-gun fight in the backyard, watched most of Transformers and part of Lion King [complete with thousands of "Why..." questions courtesy of the 4-year-old], and a very chocolatey cake. My mom took the pictures of us having all that fun at her house, so I'll have to steal those from her camera before I can post the pictures.

My birthday was a super fun day and I am so grateful for all of my family and friends that made it that way :)

Birthday parts 1 & 2

Part 1:
Karina and I both celebrate our birthdays just a bit after the semester ends, but we decided to do a combined celebration a little early this year so that we could be together with our friends at school. We ended up going out to dinner at Olive Garden with a huge groups of our friends and it was so much fun!

I feel bad that we needed 2 waiters for all of us and they still got a bit confused, but it was great to spend that time with a good portion of our friends just before finals kicked in. Several of our friends were even fighting over who was going to pay for Karina and I, it was very sweet. I was so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people this year at BYU!

Part 2:
After the last ward prayer of the semester Karina and I walked into our apartment to find a huge group from our ward gathered together for a surprise birthday party. Our roommate Kelsey wasn't able to go to Olive Garden with us, so she planned this surprise for us! She is generally bad at keeping secrets so we were so proud of her for putting this whole thing together without us knowing! It was so nice!

As soon as I walked in and the people screamed I was so confused and wondered who the party was for... haha, I was sure surprised! I kind of felt like the part in the movie Big Daddy where they "ruin the good surprise" when Adam Sandler walks in instead of the guy who the party is really for, haha. But it was for us! We had a great time and enjoyed the friends and the cake :)

Here is a collage of the many pictures that were taken that night: