Friday, June 27, 2008

boo for bad internet

I have had several things that I wanted to post the past couple of days but the internet is down at my mom's house and I haven't had the chance to do so.
Right now I'm at work on a little down time and im hijacking the empty computer just so you all know why I haven't been able to update you on this adventurous week.

Cross your fingers that Time Warner Cable will fix the problem soon, or else I can do it on my dad's computer Sunday possibly. Time will tell ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday after Birthday after Birthday

So I have decided that i know way too many people that were born in June! I think I seriously know enough people that fill up an entire week, each day being one of their birthdays- pretty crazy.

So, this has been birthday part week. It started with me hanging out with Tyler and Abbey Scavo and Bradley the morning of the twins' birthday this past Wednesday. Then they invited some friends over to hang out at night after they got out of class where we played hide-and-go-seek, ate skittles, and all sorts of fun. The next day Daniella, Tyler's girlfriend threw them a surprise birthday party. It wasn't much of a surprise due to some complications, but we had a lot of fun anyways.

We ate, bounced in their really cool air bounce- complete with an inflatable basketball hoop inside, hung around talking, and again played hide-and-go-seek both inside and outside. I guess they can get away with having two parties cause their are two of them to celebrate... ;)

Abbey- Birthday Girl

Tyler sitting on Tyler [Birthday Boy]'s lap

Daniella- the party planner

the ultimate bounce house

birthday cookies

Abbey, Bradley and I surprised Ty and Dani in the bounce house
with an awesomely timed water balloon :D

Then on Friday I went to Valerie's surprise birthday party. I was busy and unable to be there at the time she came home, but im sure it was actually a surprise this time. lol
We had fun sitting around and talking and eating all he food that was forced on us. Val said to me "You have to eat here. My family is Greek." It was really funny how her mom kept bringing to food to wherever we were hanging out so that we would eat it- first downstairs, then outside. it followed us! But it was really cool and she was super nice :) I had a great time getting away from stresses and just enjoying being with my friends. I really needed that.

most of the gang

The B-Day gal!

In mid-candle blow

Yesterday was the final party of the week. Kevin came home Saturday afternoon [finally! :D] so he went with me to Joy's house where there was a bbq and lots of chillin friends. It was way fun as we bashed on each other, discussed Twilight which I got Rachel hooked on, ate, and played/watched people play Rockband. I had never seen that game before and apparently I have some friends with hidden musical skills ;)

Finally home!

chillin bbq style

intense Rockband action

Sexie Lexie singing away

All in all I had a great time celebrating the lives of my friends and just being crazy with everyone. Three cheers for three [and a half] birthday parties!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Wedding and an Obsession

After finally returning to Palmdale after my visit with Heather on Saturday I immediately stopped by Derek and Naomi's house to pick up the second and third books in the Twilight series. I'm obsessed and I don't care who knows ;)

I then showered, read, and got ready to go to Jessica and Todd's wedding reception. Jessica is my best freind Sam's older sister so its so weird to think of her married! I am very happy for them though. It was a beautiful wedding and I knew that Heather would want to see how it looked, so here are a few pictures I took.

Dom who drove out from AZ for the wedding

Sam told me it took them 3 1/2 days to decorate

The wedding line

The Happy couple!

After the reception I went home and happily read more of New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. I feel like an obsessed little girl, its crazy how that book controls my emotions! But I love it all the same. It took me about 24 hours to read the whole 500 some odd pages. And now I'm on the third and final [for now] book. I don't know what I'll do when its over and the new one doesn't come out til November. Maybe cry... ;) just kidding. Honestly though, I don't know how I'm not reading right now rather than talking about it. I guess you all know what I'll be doing in about 10 minutes... :D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Its All Heather's Fault

My older and [she says] wiser sister is a Blog Addict. I am forced to check on Google Reader every day to see all the new adventures and stories of her life, and now she is forcing it on me. So here I am, trying to start sharing my little and seemingly insignificant stories of my little life. enjoy :)

I'll start with this week:

I've been a huge bum so far in my time off of school since I graduated May 29th :D

So I spent time cleaning, reading, shopping with Jesi, and then I drove out to Aliso Viejo to visit Heather for a couple of days on Thursday. I met her at her work on the 16th floor with a gorgeous view of Newport Beach and followed her to her new home where she just moved this week. It was an adventure trying to keep up with her with all the crazy drivers on the like 5 freeways we took. It was a maze. But somehow I stayed close enough and made it safely.

We made our plan for the next couple of days and decided to start off by going to IKEA. I had never been, and was amazed. I was in awe of all the way cute things, especially since I've been trying to prepare myself for my future Dorm room when I go up to BYU in August/September. I only bought a few things, practical things for college, although I was tempted to buy much much more. Heather bough a few more things than I did ;)

We then tried to fit a 32' TV in my little Suzuki Esteem. That sucker was HUGE and could not go in my trunk, backseat or front seat, so no go. Then we were famished and got some Panda Express and Golden Spoon on our way back home. Yum. The day wrapped up with watching the ever-so-great movie Music & Lyrics with Heather, until she fell asleep, and her cool roommate Kim. Then I stayed up until 3 am reading. I know- im SO addicted to the book Twilight. My sis-in-law Naomi loved it and thought I would too- and she is right! I had to tear myself away from that book. It was hard. But before I tore myself away I got the heebie-jeebiez scared out of me. After the movie Kim left a light on in the living room across from where my air mattress was and I was too lazy and interested in my book to get up and turn it off. Then all of a sudden it turned off itself. No big deal I thought, maybe its on a timer. Then about 10 minutes later it turned back on. I got a little freaked out, but no biggie. The lights were playing tricks on my eyes and I thought I saw little shadows, then the light flickered again. CREEPY! But that is not all. I am clearly the only one awake now at 1:30 am and then I hear a loud sound coming from my right. The dishwasher turned on all by itself with a loud rush of water. I was not gonna get off that bed for anything from that point on.

I calmed down a bit through getting totally wrapped up in the book and finally forced myself to put it down and get some sleep [with the other light still on] at about 3 am.

My air mattress in the living/dining room

The next morning I woke up and called Heather at work to plan our lunch together. As I sat up in the bed I saw little itty-bitty footprints like a foot away from the end of my air-mattress. What the heck?! The fear of the night before returned, until I remembered that my nephews were here a few days before and those must have been Tai Tai's footprints. Relief and laughter overcame me :)

So after reading and eventually getting dressed I drove to Heather's work again and we ate at a nice little Sushi restaurant, which she blogged about. I then dropped her off at her building next to Fashion Island and did a little shopping until she got off, then I had to try to follow her home again. But on our way we stopped at Sprinkles and got adorable cupcakes to take home and enjoy with a glass of milk.

The frosting was a bit much, and they were very sweet, but I enjoyed them very much.

We then returned to San Clemente to her old tri-plex where we cleaned her old room and went out to dinner with her old roommate, her niece, and old neighbor Colin. It was surprisingly fun and the food was delicious.
The night continued with us driving back to Aliso Viejo, an adventure since Heather isn't too familiar with all the streets yet, me talking to Kevin on the phone while he's up in Freemont for his 2 week EMT course, and then finishing Twilight- my new favorite book, and I cannot wait to get home and read the sequel! No scariness in the night this time, just strange dreams.

The next morning we lazily got up, ate another cupcake with a large glass of milk for breakfast and hit the Beach. We found a great parking spot right on the corner of the PCH and just layed out on the main beach. It was a bit cold for us to go in the water, but that didn't stop others.

When out meter was about to run out we packed up our chairs and towels to return to Heather's place and I soon after drove home. I had a great time with my Big Sis and as i was saying goodbye she said "See ya next week!" I then asked if she was coming out home back to Palmdale next week and she replied by saying, "No, you are coming here" Haha, I guess i am just that great of a guest ;)