Saturday, October 24, 2009


I got a letter from Scott today and in it he told me about this video they watched during the 3rd hour of church and how much he loved it. He told me to look it up on youtube and that I "NEED" to watch it.

I searched it easily and really enjoyed it, so I want to share it with all of you :)

You may not feel that you NEED to watch it, but you will not regret it - it is so inspiring and beautiful. I hope you enjoy it :)

Advice from Elder Busche

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Plethora

A little bit ago I was surprised that it was already October, and now we are already half way through the month! CRAZY! Time sure flies... I've been pretty busy lately with classes, midterms, papers, and working.

Catering is going great. I don't get too many hours, but that has been kind of nice actually because it allows me to focus on all my school work and then still have a social life of sorts. My groundskeeper job for my apartment complex is going well too. Cleaning the BBQs isn't the most entertaining of jobs and isn't good when it is raining, but its working out well. As a college student, I'll take money however I can :)

Here are some random adventures/fun times that I have enjoyed in the past several weeks:

-True Blue-
Every year BYU has a "True Blue Football" event where there are games and slides of blue foam. Lots and lots of blue foam :) I didn't go last year but I saw many people covered in blue dye, so it looked way fun. This year I went with Kelsey and we met up with a bunch of her friends from back home in Oregon.

It was such a strange sensation to be walking around in blue foam that reached up to my knees! We had a great time and turned pretttty blue, so it was interesting to get back home and showered without leaving a blue trail behind us the whole way. The dye was nothing a little rinse and repeat couldn't handle, so luckily we were not permanent smurfs :)

Me, Kelsey, and Vanessa before

Our whole smurf group

as you can see, I was covered... and pretty cold

-Photo Shoot-
My roommates and I had meant to do a photo shoot for a while, and then we finally decided to just go for it one night. Abbey was kind enough to be our photographer, so we took some fun pictures around our apartment complex. Here are some of the results:

-Dragon sound?-
One morning I woke up early before class so that I could cram in a little bit more studying before a history essay exam. Here is the scene: I was sitting at my desk by my window reading notes with the blinds closed. I am tired because it is early [for me at least] and as I sit there I keep hearing this weird noise at random times. For some reason this was my thought, "where is that dragon sound coming from?" haha, clearly I was tired :)

After I heard it several more times I opened up my blinds and this is what I see-

A Hot Air Balloon right outside my bedroom window! How random!! And that is why I kept hearing the "dragon sounds" haha

That woke me right up and I watched them for a little bit before going back to my reading. They started floating away shortly after that and I snapped a picture of them rising by the Y.
I love the view right outside my window - even when there is not a large balloon floating outside it :)

Here is a view one rainy/cloudy day from my window:

-Reppin' from afar-
As I was walking home after class one day I passes a garbage dumpster that had this on the side. I thought it was cool to see one of these all the way here in Provo and it made me think of my brother, so I thought I'd share :)

[My brother Nathan works at a skate shop called Pharmacy Boardshop, and this is one of their stickers. The company started in Victoville, CA]

-My own personal Sun-
I worked an event for BYU Catering last night where they had really cool hot air balloon decorations. They were huge balloons that were filled with helium and tied to little baskets using a special netting so they floated above the ground like mini Hot Air Balloons- very cute! There were 10 of the huge balloons in total and all night me and my co-workers were looking at them and wanting to take them home. So when we were cleaning up we each claimed one and got to take it home when we got off work :)

I got a yellow one [my favorite color!] and had a lot of fun taking it home. Many different people talk to you if you are carrying a 3 foot yellow balloon. One lady even asked me if she could take a picure of it, haha. I had fun talking to them and explaining why I had it [a common question I received]. I told the lady that took the picture that it felt like my own personal sun :) it was a lot of fun and I am enjoying it floating above me at this very moment as it is tied to my desk.
So not only do I get yummy food from working at catering, but also fun left-over balloons! Score! :)

tied to my desk corner :)

I LOVE this balloon! :)

So now let's see what other adventures lay ahead, and how fast the rest of the month flies by! :)