Sunday, February 19, 2012


Last week was a particularly long week... not like I had a ton of things to do compared to other weeks, but the problem was that every day I kept thinking it was Friday- and then I would be disappointed. This happens to people every once in a while, but there were several days where I had to realize over and over and over and OVER that it was in fact only Tuesday. Or Wednesday. and no Wednesday does not magically become Thursday once you finally realize it is NOT Friday. It was bad.

So when Friday finally really did come I was so happy! I had a little work meeting to go to right after the Elementary school got out, but once that was over I was free! Scott and I had delicious Indian food with some friends from church and decided we wanted a fun relaxing weekend and didn't need any elaborate plans. We never have the luxury of getting bored, so this was a very exciting plan for us :)

Saturday I cleaned a bit while Scott had a review session, then we ate our leftovers and did some school work, relaxed, went for a run, and watched Inception. We also were able to rescue our friend Ashley who was locked out of her apartment and hung out with her til Mark got off work. It was a fun relaxing day.

Then Sunday [today] was snowy and we stayed cozy inside reading, making yummy Cafe Rio style burritos, and talking to family. So nice!

Tomorrow is the final day of this extended weekend and I don't know what we will do, but it will be nice to do it together :) I Looooove 3-day weekends!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Awesome Sunday

Today Scott and I taught our very first lesson together in Sunday School. It was nerve-wracking, but it went well. Somehow it is way easier to teach twenty-three 6th graders about multiplying decimals than a room of BYU married students about 2 Nephi chapters 1-2... Good thing I have Scott by my side!

Our lesson was about choosing eternal life rather than captivity and how we have to be active in doing so. We talked about habits that lead us on the right path and help to prepare us and as we did so we shared this cool story Scott had. Here it is:

   There is an interesting story coming out of India to the effect that in that country 50,000 natives are killed annually by pythons. These deadly reptiles first coil themselves about their victims and then crush out their lives. In the spring of the year, as the pythons lay their eggs in the sand and grass, the natives search out and destroy as many eggs as possible in order to reduce the risk that they themselves may be later destroyed by the pythons.
   We should take a leaf out of the book of the natives of India and destroy the eggs while we can. We have the awful alternative that either we get rid of the eggs, or the pythons get rid of us. We should stamp out our bad habits while they are in their infancy. It is easier to dispose of alcoholism before the taste is developed or at elast while it is in the egg stage, than it is to fight the deadly python when it holds us in its vice-like grip.
   Idleness or the lack of a purposeful design in life provides excellent breeding sands for pythons, and it is pretty difficult to clean out the reptiles from our minds as long as those minds are lying idle and unused. And where we allow ourselves to vacillate between distractions, we no sooner get one problem out of the way than another takes its place.

--Sterling W. Sill The Law of the Harvest

While we were in church the world of Provo continued to whiten and become completely blanketed in snow, so as I now sit in our awesome little home this is the view I have:

Life is great! And now I'm going to go cuddle to stay warm with my husband as we enjoy this weather :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Epic Fail

I have been neglecting this blog and I finally need to pick it back up again.

A LOT has happened since my last post.... all the way back in OCTOBER. Yeesh- I'll do better now I promise! Here is a brief re-cap for the time being:

The last couple months/weeks leading up to the wedding were very stressful as I had classes, Practicum, huge final assignments, and then actual finals. As well as last-minute wedding details, packing up my apartment, and packing for the whirlwind Christmas break.

It all worked out though! Despite a few hiccups here and there [remind me to tell you about the life lesson I learned at the airport when we flew to CA].

Scott and I were married on December 17, 2011 and I am the happiest ever because I am sealed to him for Time and All Eternity!! I love Scott so much and am so grateful to be his wife :D

From CA we flew to Saint John, US Virgin Islands for our honeymoon which was incredible! Mike and Shannon seriously hooked us up and we had the BEST time! After a few days of paradise we flew to VA for Christmas through New Years. We had a blast with the Whitlocks and had a great Open House/celebration in Virginia.

Then on January 1st we flew back to UT and Scott and I started setting up our home together. Its come a long way and we love our apartment!

We are now getting close to half-way through the semester as I am student teaching and Scott is taking lots of science classes. Married life is the best and having Scott by my side makes anything possible :)