Wednesday, April 28, 2010

End of the year

So much happened in between studying for finals, finishing classes, completing huge projects, and ending the semester. Here is a collage of hanging out with Karina and Julie, Trent's scavenger hunt for Karina and I, getting frozen yogurt together, and finally getting our gifts from Trent. Enjoy :)

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Karina and I

I got so lucky to have this amazing girl as one of my roommates Freshman year and we have had tons of fun together over the past 2 years. Here is just a little evidence of the fact that we act ridiculous and have too much fun with each other :)

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ps- Today is her birthday :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARINA!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home sweet home

Well, my car made it all the way back to California without any problems! I am home free for the entire summer and I am way excited! So far I've just been spending time with my family and running little errands; its awesome.

I have quite a few plans this week including baby showers, an Eagle Court of Honor, and a fireside. I also need to do some job hunting and applying. If anyone knows of a job please let me know! ;)

Soon I'll post a bunch of pictures and make an update of my last month of my sophomore year of college. whoa- I don't feel old enough for that yet.

Oh, and by the way- today Scott has been out for 11 whole months! :D yay!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Owl City!!

Way back in December Karina and I purchased tickets to an Owl City concert when we found out there was going to be a concert in Salt Lake. It was a long wait [but I know that some things are worth waiting for ;)] and we were so exciting counting down to it. And then the night finally came and we went to the AMAZING concert on Monday!

It was up in the middle of nowhere in a big building right next to the Great Salt Lake (literally). It was raining pretty steadily as we drove up and we had to wait in the long Will Call line out in the rain, but it was so worth it. We were pumped!

We finally got inside with the first opening act was playing, Paper Route. They were really good. We pushed our way towards the middle searching for some friends that we had seen earlier, but gave up and just enjoyed the music. While the next band, Lights, was getting all set up we were pushed and shoved and somehow ended up front and center! All without trying! We were in an excellent position for the remainder of the concert, so when Owl City finally came on we were so close!

It got pretty crazy there for a little bit as we were shoved in every direction at once, but it settled down once the show began. We had made a list of the top songs we really wanted to hear at the concert, and all were played except one. It was an absolutely AMAZING night! Karina and I were on cloud nine forever afterwards. I still can't get over it... it was one of the best nights ever! :D

waiting in the Will-Call line out in the rain

He had all sorts of funny dance moves :)

After the concert, waiting in line to buy these t-shirts...

The Bird and the Worm

Vanilla Twilight

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

General Conference/Easter

For the weekend of LDS General Conference and Easter my roommate Karina and I drove up to Kaysville and had a great time with her family.

Friday afternoon we drove up and after settling in and eating dinner we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows in their backyard with a group of friends. Have I ever mentioned before that I LOVE s'mores?! Cause I do! It was tasty, and fun - but it turned a bit more adventurous than we had bargained for as it started snowing. Needless to say, we didn't spend too much time out there... We moved the party indoors and had some fun playing a few games. We decided to wrap up the night by watching a movie, but Karina and I were pretty wiped out from a long week so we fell asleep. In the morning we woke up to find pretty colors drawn on our faces courtesy of Brynn and Jaden. Thankfully they washed off fairly easily :)

The group through the smoke and the snow

Karina and I with our spoils :)

Saturday we enjoyed the morning session of Conference and then quickly got ready to head to Salt Lake and attend the afternoon session. Our friends Tyler and Trent are part of the Orem Institute Choir which sang in the afternoon session and they each gave us a ticket to attend the session. Score! Our seats were on the bottom section and right when we got there the ushers told us that there were 4 seats left in the front, so they led us to the closest possible row. We were directly behind the reserved seating for the General Authorities' families and less than 100 ft from the First Presidency! Double score!

we were SO close!

Karina and I after the session

The session was amazing and we were so grateful to our friends for making that possible for us. We got to see Trent and Tyler for a little bit after the session ended and then we returned to Kaysville for some dinner and some shopping. Later that night we dyed some Easter Eggs and I eventually fell asleep to another movie [thankfully no markers were involved on this night].

Sunday we watched the remaining sessions of General Conference and then enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner. It was so great to be able to spend time with Karina's family! Her family was so nice and welcoming to me, her parents even gave me my own Easter Basket :) It was so great! It was such an awesome weekend and it made me very eager to return to MY home and be with MY family! I'm super excited for that! :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's the name of this game anyway? - "I win!"

*** POST EDIT: I have noticed a large amount of people get to my blog by searching the title of this post. If you happen to be one of those people who googled "What's the name of this game anyway - I win!" This is a quote from the movie Big Daddy and something that I like to say often. :) ***

 For Heather's Birthday Party this year in January, my family had a very fun day at Mulligan's Family Fun Center [I guess they lived up to their name...]

For this day-o-fun, we siblings received wrist bands that gave us access to all the really fun stuff for the entire day like Go-Karts, mini-golf, a rock wall, etc. It was amazing. We had a great time!

A little more background though - Nathan and I tend to keep our little wristbands on from random events like concerts, parties, dances, or roller skating :) We keep them on for as long as we can. My dad makes fun of us, until he did the same thing himself to spite us.

Ok, back to the real story: When we got our day-pass-wrist-bands, Nathan and I immediately noticed the high quality of the band and that it was a very sturdy one. We decided that we should try to keep them on as long as possible, and since the band had the date on it [January 1, 2010] we thought it would be awesome to try to keep it on for the whole year! For some reason, Nathan and I were the only ones that thought this was a good idea... lame-o's! :)

So Nathan and I have have both kept our wristbands on since then... until now! Nathan informed me the other day that his has gone missing somehow. He's not exactly sure how or where, but his is gone. And that makes me