Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday Devotional

I love attending BYU and the amazing opportunities that come with it!

Every Tuesday we have a Devotional or a Forum, and a few weeks ago we were privileged to have the Prophet come to speak! President Monson gave a great talk about the Prophets of the church that he had experienced during his lifetime and he gave little recaps of their examples and teachings. He provided personal experiences that he had with each of them and filled it with lots of comedy. It was such an incredible experience, and I am so grateful that I was able to attend, along with thousands of my fellow students!

the VERY crowded Marriott Center

Pres. Monson and many BYU Stake Presidents on the stand

I had a great seat, thanks to Abbey

the swarms of students leaving the Marriott Center
[I miss living right by the Bell Tower]


Wade said...

I can see a kid form my ward in the first picture. He is way up near the top on the far side. Say hi for me.

Holly Mo said...

hahaha, I'll get right on that Wade... ;)

Derek & Naomi said...

I can't believe how awesome that is! I have never been able to see the prophet speak live! I am so happy for you Holly! Miss you lots!!!

Derek & Naomi said...

Love you too! ;)

Wade said...

We miss you and want to hear how things are going at school, PLEASE!