Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays are for Traveling

Friday June 17- drove to California for my family's vacation at a Beach House in Ventura
Friday June 24- drove up to Bountiful for a super fun double date with Scott and one of his former mission companions
Friday July 1- drove to California with Scott to spend the weekend with my family
Friday July 8- drove to Salt Lake to begin the epic Harry Potter Marathon
[Today] Friday July 15- I will be driving to Page, AZ to start off a week at Lake Powell with extended family

Fridays are just a day that must be spent in the car I guess. Next Friday I will not be driving anywhere as I will be out on the lake, but I'll get all my driving in the very next day when I return from Powell.

This summer has just been so amazing and jam-packed with awesome adventures! Someday I'll catch up and write about them, like seeing Owl City in concert on Wednesday and seeing the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 last night. But in order to do that I'll have to stop having so much fun... and that is not likely to happen for a verrrrry long time :D


Wade said...

Gracie and Mindy left this morning also. I am sad for me, but glad they are off for the fun of Powell. Mindy is really looking forward to the week.

Sarah and David said...

Haha you know you are poor when you read that and your first thought is "man! thats a lot of gas money!!"

Had such a great week with you at Powell =)