Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's just pretend the last 5 months didn't happen, ok?

Ok... Well we can't completely ignore the last 5 months because a LOT happened- - so just ignore the fact that I didn't blog a single time in that span of time. Deal? Deal.

Here it is in a nutshell:
-Student teaching was hard. and tiring. and awesome. and I loved/hated it. but mostly loved. :)
-I graduated from BYU!
-I was offered a job the day I graduated!
-Scott and I drove to CA to attend Kenadie's celebration of life and run in the UCLA 5k in memory of her.
-Scott studied for the MCAT. EVERY. DAY. for HOURS.
-I worked as an aide at Sharon Elementary, where I did the first part of my student teaching
-One week into working as an aide they switched me to a long-term sub for a 4th grade class until the end of the school year.
-Scott began working in 2 different research labs on campus.
-School ended and I got to celebrate with the great faculty of Sharon.
-I attended training for teaching the new 6th grade math curriculum and got to know my 6th grade team.
-Scott applied to Medical School [30 different ones to be exact- in 18 different states]
-I read TONS of books on my Kindle [which was a graduation/birthday gift!]
-We got to spend a weekend at the Davies family cabin with family and yummy s'mores.
-We enjoyed a ward campout with fun times at a lake.
-Attended Stadium of Fire where we sang along to the Beach Boys and enjoyed a James Bond themed firework display
-Drove to Saint George for Scott to take the MCAT.
-We bought our own car.
-Enjoyed a great week at Lake Powell with extended family
-I got to start working in my classroom
-We flew to Virginia for a relaxing, fun vacation where I experienced lots of humidity, we hiked, we ran, we enjoyed a double feature at the movies, and I got some moles removed.
-I flew back to Utah a week later for teacher meetings and classroom prep while Scott stayed in Virginia to spend more time with family and shadow a few doctors.
-I worked every day all day in my classroom. and Skyped Scott whenever possible. It was a very, very hard week.
-Scott drove across the country in 4 days with a friend.
-I started teaching 6th grade!

And that brings us to now! whew. We made it. It was a great summer and now real life is starting, somehow. Crazy. But life is great!

I'll be better about posting so I don't have to try and remember a whole bunch all at once again. And I'll post about teaching soon. Promise :)


Miss Amber said...

So I've missed stalking your blog/social networking and am so excited for you and Scott! When does he find out about med schools?

Holly Mo said...

Haha, I miss stalking you too ;)

Scott has already received 2 requests for interviews, but he could find out acceptances anytime from now until June!

Wade said...

At least we now know you haven't just been avoiding us. Life is always better when you can stay busy. We love and miss you.

Hizzeather said...