Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tales of Hoffman Opera

For my Humanities 101 class this semester I was required to attend 3 specific performances and to write up mini reviews about my experience. That class is really interesting and it is cool to be exposed to new forms of art and music that I probably would not have chosen to attend otherwise.

The first was World of Dance, which I also attended last year to fulfill an assignment for my Social Dance Beginning Ballroom class. I enjoyed going to that performance again and seeing many different dances in different styles.

The second one was an Opera put on by BYU called the Tales of Hoffman. This is a French Opera that has English supertitles along the sides of the stage so that the audience can understand what is going on without being fluent. This was a really great performance! Karina came with me and we made a fancy night out of the occasion :)

*Side Note* I donated blood this day! I donated twice in high school and passed out both times... so I was a lit-tle bit scared to try again, but also really excited to see if I could handle it and do my little part to serve. My roommate Kelsey came with me to be my nurse and ride home just in case anything happened, but thankfully that was unnecessary. I did fine and did not pass out this time! VICTORY! I guess the third time is the charm :)

Ok, back to our Opera Fancy Night-
We got dressed up nicely and enjoyed a delicious meal at one of our favorite restaurants Zupas. Then we enjoyed the play and had some fun taking silly pictures afterwards as is our custom.

yummmmy food

waiting for the show to start

all dressed up

its so fun to wear heels sometimes :)

some of many silly faces

Good times :)


Nicole said...

Mmmmm! I love Zupa's! I'm there all the time...

Wade said...

It's nice to see youa re being a serious student of the arts. The picutres show just how serious you can be.
We miss you. Are you coming home for Thanksgiving? We would love to see you then.

Kathryn said...

holly, lol your so cute!