Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

First of all, let me say that this year has flown by! I cannot believe that it is already July, that I have been graduated for over a month, and that I leave for college soon. Woah.

Anywho- I love fireworks. I'm not quite a pyro, but I do enjoy fire. Okay, so maybe I am a bit of a pyro ;) I really enjoy watching the fireworks and feeling the awe and amazement of the beautiful and grand creations in the sky. Almost every 4th of July of my life [at least those that I remember] I have watched the fireworks show that is put on at Palmdale High School. We usually sit on the lawn of the Stake Center across the street from the school, or a couple years I spent at the Scavo's house right behind the Stake Center. I feel its a tradition to watch that particular show, whether or not I am joined by family.
This year I had an appointment set up in the morning so I did my demo [and made a sale, woohoo!] read Harry Potter and then hung out with Kevin. We made dinner together, home-made spaghetti- yum!, and then went over to the Stake Center around 8:30 to watch the show when it got dark. I wasn't disappointed :) There were some really cool ones that looked like confetti, others that span in circles after exploding, great big colorful ones, large booming ones. I loved it. I tried to capture some of the thrills, but as you can see, you had to be there.

Kevin and I laying on the lawn of the church

a few attempts to capture a picture of the show

Another great thing was the cute little kid that was sitting near us. He ran a little commentary of his amazement that was really cute. Here are some things he said:
*"It looks like space!"
*"I've never seen anything like that in my LIFE!"
*"Woah! Woah!"
*"Its a rainbow!"

All of these were said in a cute little-kid-full-of-amazement voice. Precious and hilarious.

Sadly this year we didn't do any of our own fireworks, but it was a great 4th none-the-less. Happy Birthday America! :)


Wade said...

We had our own display here on our street two nights in a row. At first it sounded like they were setting them off in our sideyard. these were fairly good size rockets. I can't believe the police didn't show up. gracie didn't stick around. She doesn't like loud noises. I guess it won't be long before she won't be around me much.
Is your dad's car koay after hitting the hydrant?

Heather said...

Awww... I really missed being at the Stake Center for Fourth of July. Palmdizzle has a great show and it's so cool to be right underneath them!