Sunday, March 11, 2012

I, Holly Morris Whitlock, am now a runner!

In January Scott and I were driving along the I-15 freeway and saw a billboard that said "Thou Shalt Run: Provo City Marathon" and it got us talking about running. I have had several thoughts every now and then about starting to run, so I mentioned this to Scott. We kept talking about it and before I knew it we agreed to start running together and train for a 5k!

We started going to the indoor track on campus 3 times a week and we followed a schedule provided by the program couch to 5k []. It started me off nice and slow so that I could build up my ability and endurance so the time has come. This Saturday, March 17 [St. Patrick's Day] we are running our race! It is the Rex Lee Run around campus.

I am very excited, but very nervous too! I'm counting on the adrenaline to push me through - I'll let you know how it goes next week!! :D


Lynette Gifford said...
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Morgan & Lynette Gifford said...

Jealous! I started training for a 5k because i've always wanted to do one but I quit after 2 days haha. Maybe i'll have the motivation someday ;) Good luck! :)

Wade said...

Good luck with the Race! Make Scott run it facing backward!

Derek & Naomi said...

That's awesome! You are going to feel great when you make it through that finish line!! Great job Holly and Scott!! I am happy for you guys!