Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the Bubble

Last Wednesday I made the 10 hour drive in my little car [aka the white stallion] from Palmdale to my new apartment in Provo. Classes start tomorrow at BYU, so I came up a few days early to have fun with my roommates and to get our apartment all set up for the year :)

I made pretty good time on my drive and got through it alone by playing my music on my iPod and singing along really loudly. I highly recommend it - nobody is there to make you feel self-conscious and it can be very entertaining :) My last stop before arriving in Provo was in Washington City, UT where there is an In-N-Out. Sadly this is the closest In-N-Out to me while up at school... but not for long! Yesterday on my way back from Walmart I saw this sign which made my day:


Anywho... I arrived at my new apartment just before 5 pm and with the help of my roommate Dani and her boyfriend, all of my stuff was unpacked from my car. It took a bit longer for all of my belongings to be unpacked from the bags and boxes, but it is all done now and that is what matters :)

I have had a lot of fun with my roommates Dani [who I share a room with], Karina, and Kelsey! I think that this is going to be a great year! We have been working hard to make our apartment our home and to get it looking cute - the ghetto-ness is less apparent now ;) We still have a bit of work to do and once it is all done I will post some pictures.

I miss my family back in California and I love them very much, but I know that I have plenty of people near me here who I can turn to. In addition to my roommates I have friends from back home, my cousin Katy who is here for her freshman year, Scott's younger sister who is here for her freshman year as well, and Scott's grandparents who live a few miles away. I got to visit with them a few days ago when I stopped by to pick up some belongings they stored for me over the summer and that was so fun! It was nice to see them again and to catch up on our summers. They are so sweet and I am grateful to know that they are there for me :)

I am very excited for the upcoming semester... but we'll see how that changes once I purchase my books and classes start. I'm optimistic about it though. This semester I'm also going to try to find a job, so that will be a new adventure which I am looking forward to. I guess I'll just have to let it flow and see how it goes! :) [and I'll try to keep up my blogging for it all!]


Amy said...

Hey, I saw the sign for In 'n Out too. I will for sure be coming for a visit to see how you and Katy are doing. Have a great year!!

Hizzeather said...

The bubble huh? Is that why you have a bubble butt?

bah ha ha ha ha! :D

Holly Mo said...

Amy a visit would be amazing!

and no Heather - Provo Utah is its own bubble... not my behind! haha

Christa Jeanne said...

How fun, Holly!!! I'm totally jealous. Oh, for the fun of college and the beauty of Utah...

And I agree - doing that drive solo is the best. I've done it with and without passengers (mostly without), and I much prefer being alone. After all, with cell phones, if I get bored or lonely, I can just give someone a call while I'm on the road. Other than that, I quite enjoy getting lost in the music, the scenery and my own thoughts. :)

Jennifer said...

Well, Mike and I are hoping to have our own place in Orem soon *fingers crossed* So when we get settled, you'll have to come over and have a craft night with me... or maybe a night filled with Alias or Arrested Development or something :)

Welcome back to the bubble.

Chris Diep said...

Holly, I want you to try Five Guys in Orem. Do it! You would regret it if you didn't try it.

Holly Mo said...

Jenn- that sounds amazing! I'll cross my fingers for you and Mike!

Chris- I have had Five Guys several times and I LOVE it :)

Wade said...

You confused me for a moment reading aobut Katy up at school. You then mentioned Scott's sister also being there for her freshman year. Then it hit me, THAT scott's sister. Not Scott Murdock, Whitlock. I may look dumb but, it is just a disguise.
Why do Utahns always try to compare In-n Out to 5 Guys? They are 2 different kinds of burgers. Both are tasty, but not much alike to me.
We love you!!! Say hi to katy for us.